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WHAT Is Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance is a type of home insurance  that provides financial coverage  for repairing or replacing personal items inside your home in the event of loss, theft and accidental damage. These items aren’t usually covered under buildings insurance policies, which covers the structure of the building itself, so in the event of a break in, fire or other accidents, you would be financially liable for the cost of replacing the contents of the house.

Our home contents insurance is a specialist cover that will help protect your belongings in instances such as fire, theft or accidental damage. Items that our house contents insurance covers include household furniture, personal items, such as jewellery and electronics.

DO I NEED Contents Insurance?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, typically your personal belongings won’t be included in buildings content insurance that you, as a homeowner, or your landlord, may have. For the items inside your home, fixtures, furnishings, gadgets, and any other high-value or sentimental items to be covered, you’ll need a policy that’s designed specifically for the contents of your home, for peace of mind.

What we cover

Things to consider

Your personal belongings are protected against many causes such as fire or flood damage, loss, theft and accidental damage

Damage caused by natural wear and tear to your items over time isn’t covered 

We’ll insure your freezer contents in the event of loss of power, and also cover you against loss of oil and metered water

Each bicycle must be individually listed under the policy, with a maximum value of £2000

If your home becomes uninhabitable, we’ll cover the cost of finding alternative accommodation

We don’t cover any damage that’s caused by pests in the home, such as termites, fungus or mildew

If there’s a fatal accident within the home, or whilst you’re travelling within the UK, our policy has you covered

You must inform us as soon as possible if you’ve loss, accident or theft


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