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As a student, having contents insurance is important because it will save you the cost of having to replace any of your possessions in the event of theft or loss. High value, easy to move  items such as your TV, bicycle, phone, computer, tablets and clothes are unfortunately often targeted by opportunistic thieves, particularly during Freshers Week. Having a student contents insurance policy in place will mean that in the event that your personal belongings are stolen, lost or damaged, you’ll have financial compensation to replace or repair them.

Do student houses have contents insurance?

When renting a shared house from a private landlord or lettings agency, you’ll need to double check their terms and conditions in the contract, but usually, contents insurance isn’t included. Shared student housing needs a policy specifically tailored for these circumstances, as regular contents insurance policies won’t cover you if one of your roommates (or one of their guests) is found to be responsible for theft of your belongings. 

With a policy specifically designed for students in shared housing, you can rest assured that you have the right policy for you.

Do I need contents insurance in halls of residence?

You’ll need to check your contract with the University Halls of Residence, as some will provide insurance included as standard. It’s worth bearing in mind though, that many policies that come as standard with Halls  will stipulate that the items must be in your room, with the windows and door secured. If you leave your laptop in a communal area, you could find yourself liable for covering the full cost of replacing it. 

Also, in these instances, certain high value items may need to be registered on a separate policy. In the event that your Halls don’t include content insurance, it’s always safer to be prepared if the worst happens and you need to make a claim to help you with the costs of replacing your valuables.

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